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Meet the well-heeled manufacturing executive who never left the shop floor!

Manufacturing Talks

Browse Jim Vinoski’s more than 200 columns – with nearly 1 million pageviews – he wrote for Forbes magazine about the producers who manufacture your world!

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Listen to “Manufacturing Talks” with your host Jim Vinoski. Jim talks with influencers in the manufacturing industry who share wisdom and insights into the products that improve your life.


About Me

Jim Vinoski is the industry executive who entrenched himself in the front lines of manufacturing over his 30-year career. He helped companies such as Ralston-Purina and General Mills make products ranging from food to plastics and paints to bourbon. Jim tells you the stories of successful enterprises built from blood, sweat and tears through his column in Forbes magazine.

“I got off the phone with Jim, and all I could do was smile. Jim is a genuine, charismatic individual who is making the most of his opportunities, and sharing them with other people for a bigger purpose. His writing is top-notch, it's specific, and I am excited to continue following his journey!”

–Jordan Gross, Author