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Meet the well-heeled manufacturing executive who never left the shop floor!

Manufacturing Talks

Browse Jim Vinoski’s more than 200 columns – with nearly 1 million pageviews – he wrote for Forbes magazine about the producers who manufacture your world!

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Listen to “Manufacturing Talks” with your host Jim Vinoski. Jim talks with influencers in the manufacturing industry who share wisdom and insights into the products that improve your life.


ESG is coming for your savings! [Author Paul Tice tells how]

ESG is coming for your savings! [Author Paul Tice tells how]

This is the most important episode we've done so far. That's because, if we don't heed the call to action from author Paul Tice in his book, *The Race to Zero: How ESG Investing Will Crater the Global Financial System,* our economy and our way of life are doomed. He joined us for Episode 105 to tell us why. According to Tice, ESG - standing for environmental, social, and governance - investment mandates that were put together by a host of bad actors in the environmental activism and global governance realm are now being put into action by national regulatory bodies. And what they essentially do is commandeer everyone's investment dollars to serve their impossible net-zero agenda. Here are some of the main points from the episode: 6:20 – ESG is “the corporate equivalent of inviting a vampire into your house.” 9:15 – ESG is the funding mechanism for the climate change agenda 10:30 – the illuminating example of the Dakota Access Pipeline story 17:00 – the lackluster response from the energy companies about the assault on their existence 23:30 – IEA says by 2025, no more investment in oil and gas 29:25 – the case for optimism 35:00 – aggressively going after the crowd who are destroying finance – antitrust and the Sherman act, RICO, and the like 40:55 – why logic won’t work It's vital you learn all about Tice's warnings, because time is short and your future depends on it. Check out the whole episode, and do also check out the links for his books and his new place of research "residence" at the links below. Book link: National Center for Energy Analytics:
Frank Seidel of Wamser Batra USA explains why and how US manufacturers should expand into India

Frank Seidel of Wamser Batra USA explains why and how US manufacturers should expand into India

Manufacturing looks like it's turning the corner here in the US, so now is a good time for our domestic producers to look at expanding their businesses. Frank Seidel, Managing Director at Wamser Batra USA, thinks India is a great market to look at, and he joined us to tell us why that is and what companies here need to do about it. He looks at demographics and income growth and says India beats China as a growth market hands down. Now, to be fair, what Wamser Batra USA does to make their money is to help companies do exactly the above. But Frank didn't join us for a no-hold-barred sales job - he brought practical advice on how to get started, what to do along the way, and how to succeed at what he says has to be a long-term play. Here's a timeline with some highlights: 7:20 - the importance of due diligence 10:40 - why it's critical company leaders actually go to India 14:30 - why you should bring the CEO of any Indian company you're going to partner with here to the US 17:40 - the different production options, like making here and exporting there, making domestically for each separate market, or making there and importing here There's a whole lot more great advice and concrete steps to take. It boils down to what Frank shared with me separately: "Don't just go to India because it looks like a good opportunity. Make sure it's the right fit for your business." Tune in and check out the whole thing!
Shawn Connors of the Atomic Garage Movement explains why he's a staunch advocate for nuclear energy

Shawn Connors of the Atomic Garage Movement explains why he's a staunch advocate for nuclear energy

At one time, when he lived in the shadow of southwest Michigan's Palisades nuclear power plant, former business owner, author, and employee communications guru Shawn Connors opposed nuclear energy. But then he decided to do his own research and discovered that the horror stories in the media that had convinced him nukes were dangerous were just plain wrong. That's when he founded the Atomic Garage Movement, which uses the arts to help convince people that nuclear energy is safe, clean, and reliable. He has also written both a nonfiction educational book and a fictional novel that both help tell the real story of nuclear energy (links below!) He joined us for Episode 96 to tell us all about his conversion, and why he believes we should ditch all the arbitrary deadlines for replacing our electricity generating stations, stop retiring our coal and gas plants, and instead embark on a program to replace them when their production lives end with nuclear plants. And about Palisades? He's revved up to see it reopened, and thinks it can help make Michigan a nuclear center for the nation. Here are the links: Books: Non-fiction: The Quick Read Nuclear Energy Guide: 21 Easy-to-Understand Q&As - Novel: Chain Reaction: A Story About Power in the Age of Climate Change - Article that I read that first flagged Shawn's work for me: Atomic Garage Movement site:
About Me

Jim Vinoski is the industry executive who entrenched himself in the front lines of manufacturing over his 30-year career. He helped companies such as Ralston-Purina and General Mills make products ranging from food to plastics and paints to bourbon. Jim tells you the stories of successful enterprises built from blood, sweat and tears through his column in Forbes magazine.

“I got off the phone with Jim, and all I could do was smile. Jim is a genuine, charismatic individual who is making the most of his opportunities, and sharing them with other people for a bigger purpose. His writing is top-notch, it's specific, and I am excited to continue following his journey!”

–Jordan Gross, Author

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